Pause Parenting


8 weeks


30 hours / week


Android (Kotlin)

Pause is a research-based modular parenting app with lots of tools to help parents such as time out, consequences, mindfulness, and lots of advice about utilising praise and when to use each module.

I was responsible for developing the android app from a basic prototype into the full app based on Figma designs. I used Kotlin with Jetpack Compose. I was also responsible for designing and implementing a Firebase backend involving authentication, analytics and firestore.

We worked in a small team using an agile methodology, in particular requiring me to work closely with the designer and use Jira to keep track of progress and meet deadlines.

Discord Bots


3 years


2500+ hours


Solo Project

My biggest project ever. Comprised of four separate bots with hundreds of commands, describing this as only one project greatly understates the diversity of it.

This project has not only stretched my programming ability but tested and developed my skills in games design, marketing, working closely with users and driving a project forward in innovative and exciting ways.


Moderation & Utility

Kernel is a multipurpose bot with a wide range of useful features, from moderating your discord server to other genuinely useful features.

  • Run giveaways, polls, auctions or competitions on your server
  • Set up chat filters to remove server invites, links and naughty words
  • Moderate your server with a warning system, muting and more
  • Plot some graphs, because who doesn't love plotting graphs?
  • Play music, with features such as EQ, synced lyrics, music videos and more
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  • Play a guess-the-song minigame with your friends (or by yourself...)
  • Make a to-do list, set reminders, and create notes which you can share with others
  • See detailed insights into your server, including messages, voice time and members
  • Set up your own custom responses to phrases in chat
  • Logging, weather forecast, self-assignable roles, google sheets, revision quizzes...
  • Create a temporary channel to execute commands without annoying others
  • ...and lots more. Click below to learn more
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An Assortment of Fun Features

Spectral contains a wide variety of fun features, from flappy bird to UNO!, from dog pictures to in-game stats, from hangman to blackjack, from Donald Trump quotes to random cocktails.

  • Play flappy bird (in Discord!), try an akinator, or try some "would you rather?" questions
  • Grab some friends to play UNO! / Connect 4, or make a story word-by-word together
  • Gamble with virtual tokens using blackjack, slot machines, horse races or robbing a bank!
  • Find images of dogs, cocktails, the astronomy picture of the day or generate a meme
  • Play hangman, choose from 19 trivia categories, or guess some anagrams
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  • See in-depth statistics for Brawl Stars, Clash Royale or Minecraft
  • Tell a joke, tell an extra nerdy joke or view random Donald Trump quotes
  • See how many Harry Potter characters you can name (or stick to naming animals...)
  • Play a Quiplash-style minigame or assign roles for a secret role game
  • Mazes, Scattergories, Rock Paper Scissors, Roll Dice, Flip Coins, Get Random Fruits, Star Wars Quotes, Current ISS position...
  • ...and 8ball (of course). And lots more. Click below to learn more
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A Text-Based Game

A fully-fledged text-based RPG where you can collect resources, build things and make more resources

  • Mine ores, chop trees, forage, go fishing, hunt animals or collect fossils
  • Gain XP and level up to unlock more items and abilities
  • Build factories and put machines in them to manufacture goods
  • Plant crops or rear animals (don't forget to feed them!)
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  • Trade on the open market or unite with other players in a guild
  • Eat food. Easily forgotten, but can have bad consequences (such as your food expiring)
  • Craft resources, collect emojis, unlock kits...
  • ...and lots more. Click the button below for the full command list
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A Pokémon Game

A custom Pokémon game designed for Discord that borrows much of what made the original games good but innovates in some key areas to be more suitable for the platform.

  • A custom map filled with over 25 unique locations and over 100 unique trainers
  • A beautiful battle screen to fight pokemon with
  • All the 151 gen 1 pokemon you know and love, with over 400 different moves!
  • Pokéballs, Potions, IVs, EVs, Breeding, Shiny Pokémon, Type Effectiveness, Evolving...
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  • Get around by walking, cycling, driving, flying, getting the bus, getting a train, catching a plane or taking a taxi. Each mode of transport has its strengths and weaknesses!
  • Switch out your movesets at any time to experiment and try new combos
  • Battle Other Players, Replay Past Battles, View Stats, ...
  • What do you expect? It's Pokémon! In Discord! See below for all commands
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What have I learnt?

Python (


JavaScript, CSS, HTML


JavaScript (node.js), Python (Django)


120,000+ lines of code

Code Jams

Here's some short code jams that I've worked on in a team.

A Totally Generic Platformer

Theme "It's a bug, not a feature"
Using WebSockets
Event Python Discord Summer Code Jam 2022

A totally generic, average platformer with nothing out of the ordinary... obviously...

This is best explained through a short video, which was used as part of the judging process.

A Quick Video

11 days


Team of 5


Python (pygame)


Top 10

Graph Train

Theme "Retro"
Event Great Warwick Game Jam 2023

A puzzle/educational game where you have to type in an equation to complete the track, all while the train is moving and about to derail!

This game aims to capture the joy of simply plotting graphs, while also providing interesting challenges - graph plotting leads to some very interesting puzzles! The concept also has many applications in the classroom to teach function transformations, trigonometric curves or anything graphical.


2 weeks


Team of 3


Unity (C#)


#2 Best Design

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Here's some pieces of coursework I think are particularly relevant

School Timetabling

A-Level Project

A fully automated school timetabling system where teachers choose dynamically how long they need for each lesson. This cuts down on wasted time in lessons and prevents teachers from having to rush.

This is implemented using a genetic algorithm which simulates natural selection to generate a feasible timetable within a short time period.

Notably, this involved producing a lengthy write-up explaining the development process and justifying decisions. This made me pay extra attention to the quality of code and reason for doing everything.


9 months


250+ hours


Python (Django)


25,000+ lines of code

Robot Maze / Warwick+

1st Year Coursework

In the Robot-Maze, we had to make a robot explore and navigate through a maze efficiently. This served as a great introduction to Java, which I am now very familiar with.

Warwick+ is a movie database with lots of movies that need to be stored and accessed efficiently. The coursework required me to choose appropriate data structures and implement them manually which helped me understand how they work.

These also made me consider code style all the time which made me write very maintainable code.