The go-to bot for fun minigames or simply whenever you're bored

Singleplayer Minigames

Play through lots of complex minigames on your own such as flappy bird, akinator, would you rather, maze, guess list...

Flappy Bird - Click the ūüź¶ to flap and fall down naturally to try and get through as many pipes as possible as the level gradually gets harder
Akinator - Think of a character and I'll try and guess it!
Would You Rather - Answer many user-submitted would you rather questions and submit your own!
Maze - Complete other people's mazes as fast as possible or create your own inside discord
Guess List - Guess as many words as you can from a list! Whether it's the 151 generation one pokemon or a list of organs or different animals, how many do you think you know?

Multiplayer Minigames

Play classic minigames with friends, including UNO!, connect 4 and word-by-word story creation

UNO! - Play the well-known card game UNO!, where you have to run out of cards by playing those that match either the colour or number of the card currently down, which becomes progressively more difficult as you have fewer cards
Connect 4 - Play the classic game of connect 4 where you have to get 4 tokens in a row by stacking them on top of each other
Story - Create a fun story by taking turns to contribute a word and see what it ends up as!

Singleplayer + Multiplayer Minigames

Some minigames support both singleplayer and multiplayer! These include hangman, trivia and anagrams.

Hangman - Play hangman on your own or with others in the channel by letting the bot generate a word or choosing your own
Trivia - How does your knowledge stack up? Play singleplayer when the bot waits for you, multiplayer where everyone in the channel can participate, group mode with a group of people where everyone can answer, or the exclusive duel mode if you want to challenge someone else in a fast paced 1v1
Anagram - Guess anagrams on your own or with other people


Play a fun gambling minigame where you can gamble using tokens to try and reach the highest score possible! When you go bankrupt, you'll go into jail for a short time although once you're out you can try and beat your previous score and earn achievements! Roll the slot machine, race horses, play rock paper scissors, guess numbers, roll dice, flip coins and even rob banks to make money.

Game Stats

View in-depth stats on your favourite games right inside discord! Currently supported: minecraft, brawl stars, clash royale, although if you have any other ideas I'll certainly do my best to implement them!

Image Commands

View random dog pictures, Random cocktails (+ recipes), Meme generator, NASA Astronomy Picture of the day, Face analysis etc.

Random Stuff

And there's a bunch of (almost) completely useless random stuff for when that's just what you want. Get a randomn affirmation, View a random dad joke (yes, they are terrible jokes), View a geek joke (still terrible), Random fruit, Random donald trump quote, Random star wars quote, Latitude and longitude of the ISS right now, 8ball, Fake typing indicator to tell people to type faster...

Active Developer

And of course Spectral has a very active developer who is always willing to answer questions and implement new features that you want to be added into the bot

These are only a few examples of what Spectral can do! Click here to view the full command list