Satisfactory: SkyTrain

I built a metro in my Satisfactory world


Written by Josh Humphriss


Posted: 28 Feb, 2023


Modified: 28 Feb, 2023




I'm thinking of doing a new series of articles where I take a look at different things I've built in my Satisfactory world. This is the first, consisting of the most recent thing I've built - a metro!


I love verticality, having bridges going over things and tunnels underneath things. I also like metros. I've wanted to make an underground system, but this isn't possible as much of the world is very close to the terrain below it, and there is no digging possible in-game. However, after booting up Cyberpunk recently, I realised how great an elevated-monorail can look. It not only adds a new transport link, but makes the world feel much more vertical as you pass under the tracks above.

The Route

The metro consists of 3 lines and 11 stations. 2 of these stations are interchanges.

I have deliberately planned the route so that it doesn't simply run along existing roads, but instead crosses over in a diagonal fashion, making it far more interesting and useful.

Line 1 came first (as you might expect), as the most useful line designed to connect key destinations and interchange with other lines. Then, line 2 was created which crosses over line 1 at central station. Line 2 also extends outside of the ring road for the 2 stations in the North-West. Line 3 is the shortest but is used to connect 2 important stations to the rest of the network.

The stations are located at roughly equally spaced intervals. They generally connect to the existing SkyBelt infrastructure, and often aim to serve the local area rather than one particular destination.

Naming Things

Naming stations is hard. Most of them are still a bit rubbish. Just FYI, "SCHAI" stands for "Stators, Computers, Houses, AI", and is pronounced "Sky". Note that I chose to use numbered lines as it meant I didn't have to name them.

Station Design

The stations are designed to be small but effective, always having appropriate platforms and ability to transfer between platforms. Additionally, both interchanges support cross-platform transfers.

The glass roof gives it a less obtrusive feel, and the walls lining the platform provide for a perfect line on the edge of the platform while also looking great from the train. The wayfinding also makes it look much more realistic.

Main Line Stations

I also took a bit of time to upgrade a main-line station. More will follow!

More Pictures

Here's some more pictures:

(waiting on the platform)

(northern coal)

(from further away)

(the suburbs)

(going north)

(driving north)

(view of the ring road)

(approaching the rotors station)

(south suburbs station)

(the dump from the south)

The End

If you want to see more of my Satisfactory world, there are some pictures on the gaming page