A multipurpose discord bot with loads of fun and functional features


Play pokemon inside discord! Search for pokemon and fight trainers in your current location before exploring new locations to find new pokemon and trainers! Contains 151 pokemon with over 400 unique moves as well as over 100 trainers to fight


Play one of the most advanced RPG games on discord! Mine, Chop, Explore, Fish, Hunt, Gamble, Farm, Build, Trade, Craft and more to level up and make as much money as possible!


Moderation contains everything ranging from simple commands including kick, ban, mute to an advanced warnings and logging system! Moderation also allows you to activate chat filters, self assignable roles, greet and farewell messages and much more!


On top of Economy and Pokemon, SmileyBot also has many classic games for you to enjoy inside discord, including connect 4, flappy bird, hangman, trivia, anagrams, word-by-word story creation and so much more!


Create giveaways on your server, allowing anyone in the channel to react for a chance to win! You can customise the prize, duration, channel, number of winners, min and max entries, funder, emoji, auto-rewards (roles, codes, SmileyCoins) and even a DM to send to the winner!


The Utility category contains many useful features including server stats, private channels, polls, auctions, organisation features, custom reactions, weather forecast, role restricted emojis, quoting, profile and loads more!

Customisable Permissions

Use SmileyBot's advanced permissions system to choose exactly who can do what, and where

Active Developer

SmileyBot has a very active developer who is always willing to answer questions and implement new features you want to be added into SmileyBot

These are only a few examples of what SmileyBot can do! Click here to view the full command list