Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 13/06/2021

We may collect data about you as you interact with the bot or discord, although this will always be with the sole intention of improving the service for the users, and will not involve any selling of your data to third parties. You can find a list of the different types of data collected on this page
Whenever possible, we do not handle sensitive data. Data collected is detailed below, although it simply consists of data you provide, and data collected automatically for analytical purposes or enforcing rules
If you are unhappy about any of this data, you are encouraged to contact us

Information You Provide

This is information that you have voluntarily provided when using the bot. This includes information like your .profile information, or whatever you choose to put on your .clipboard. Any information you provide is under your responsibility to be kept accurate and up-to-date

The data you provide will always be used exclusively with the intention of improving the bot. The use of the data should be made clear when providing it. For example, your .profile is used simply to display your profile to users and your .clipboard is used as a temporary storage of your information for your own purposes

The privacy of this information should be made clear when providing the information. For example, your .profile is public (viewable to anyone who shares a server with you and the bot), although your .clipboard is private. Please note that although care is given to keeping data private, the nature of the data means that this is not a priority. Please remain consistent with this and do not store any personal information you would not like to be public using the bot, as it can't be guaranteed it will stay completely private. The owner of the bot reserves the right to be able to read and update any information, with or without a reason

This information will largely remain while you continue to use the bot. While you share a server with the bot, your data will be kept, unless unforseen or explicitly stated consequences arise (although this is always avoided if possible). If you no longer share a server with the bot, your data may be deleted at any time (although may not be). Kicking, blocking or any other means of removing the bot are not reliable ways of removing data, and data may remain if you choose to remove the bot in this way

If you would like to manage your data, you are advised to go to the relevant commands and update/delete the data from there. If this is not possible, you can contact smileyface12349#5377 through the Official Server

Discord API

Information may be collected from the Discord API. This includes information like your User ID or the content of your messages

Data from the Discord API is used in accordance with the statement from the Discord Privacy Policy, "Developers must use such information only to provide the SDK/API functionality within their applications and/or services". For example, your User ID is used to identify you and all of your data, and the content of your messages are read to see if it is a "command execution" or not (denoted by a ., or other prefix at the beginning) and process it if it is. If your message is not a command execution, and does not trigger a different feature such as filters, it will be ignored and will not be processed or stored in any way

Privacy is very similar to the Information You Provide. User IDs are public, and the content of your messages will not be stored therefore it is 100% safe! Please note that this is different if your message directly invokes any functionality within the bot, such as command executions

Retention of this data is the same as Information You Provide, and depends on the circumstances. If you have any queries about what data is being stored, do not hesitate to contact us

If you would like to manage your data, please contact smileyface12349#5377 through the Official Server


Some information is collected automatically as you use the bot. For example, every command you execute is logged for a limited time ("Logging"). Logs may be stored with full contextual information that could be helpful, excluding other messages or information that is not possible to collect, as determined by the permissions you choose to grant the bot

Logging is used exclusively to improve the bot. Logging is used for two main purposes: Analytics and Enforcing the Terms of Service. Although data is not collected anonymously, when used for analytics data will always be presented in an anonymous form, which could then be shown publicly. When enforcing the Terms of Service, logs may be viewed by the bot owner as well as anyone with the "Admin" role with the intention of finding a suitable punishment. Please note that issues can be investigated proactively, and your logs may be viewed at any time by the owner of the bot

Logging data is kept private so that only the owner of the bot can see it, although an "Admin" on the Official Server may also view it if it is deemed necessary. Your data will never be shared with third parties, unless there is a clear reason why this needs to be done (which you should be consulted about). Please note that unfortunately no guarantees can be made as to the confidentiality of the data, therefore you should not use the bot(s) for any sensitive data

The retention of Logs is typically limited to 10 days, although they may be kept for up to 30 days if required by the situation. Message data is never kept for more than 30 days, inline with Discord's guidelines

Unfortunately due to the nature of this data, there is no option to opt-out besides terminating your use of the service. You are encouraged to reach out if you have any suggestions to improve this


The only other form of data that is stored is data central to the bot's experience or gameplay. This can be anything from the number of tokens you have, your pokemon and their moveset, or the current .greet message you have set up on your server. This data may or may not be visible to other users, but should never be treated as fully private. A lot of the details regarding this data are similar to Information You Provide, the purpose of the data is limited to the gameplay experience and should be clear with the circumstances of the data. If you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to contact us

Data may be processed in different countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Please note that the laws of the country where the data is being processed may differ from your local laws

No data is knowingly collected from users under the age of 13, or the legal age for collecting data. We assume that every user is above the legal age as Discord Terms of Service states that you must be over that age. We rely on Discord to enforce this to all users of their platform, although if it is made clear that a user is under the required age, appropriate action will be taken

The Privacy Policy may be updated at any time. If they could affect your rights or use of the bot, a message will be sent in the Official Server. If you disagree with the changes, you are encouraged to contact us